Artist Statement

I can't recall the moment when I realized taking photos carried so much joy for me. It just seems I always wanted my camera with me because there were so many special moments that deserved capturing. I do recall though, in the beginning, I often found myself wondering why the end result didn't match my original vision.

That was the start of my photography fixation, which has evolved into a self-taught, years-long passion. In my pursuit to learn more, I began reading every book and watching every video I came across. Eventually, due to my appreciation for nature and the outdoors, it evolved into a love of landscape photography. And as a lifelong Northern Californian (San Francisco Bay Area), I've been fortunate to have a picturesque backyard to wander through and practice in.

I have a goal of photographing my vision of pleasing scenery and sharing it with the world. I take pride in bringing the viewer my unique perspective of the places I visit. All of my artwork is a reflection of my creative vision and thoughtful approach to landscape photography. Natural landscapes are my primary inspirations, though beautiful structures, cityscapes and such often catch my eye and beg to be photographed also.

So that's my short story - simple beginnings evolving into lifelong passion. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my pictures. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy making them.